Friday, November 2, 2012


This blog is targeted to our fellow members in the Mid-Atlantic region whose businesses or homes may have experienced damage from Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy. Let your fellow members know what you need to get back up and running. We’re here to help. Furthermore, if you have any questions that need to be addressed on the Sandy Recovery Conference Call (Monday, November 5), please comment so we can have all questions organized ahead of time.

Tips to consider:

1. Your employees are your greatest assets— Continuously communicate to and reassure your employees. Help them with their emergency needs any way you can.

2. You are a leader—Lead. Be a source of solutions to those who rely on you.

3. Be creative and open minded—Think outside the box. From crisis comes opportunity. Look for the opportunity.

4. Communicate, communicate, communicate—Stay positive and focused. Have a plan. Communicate your progress.

5. Leverage the EO network—Reach out to local and global EO’ers. They’re ready and want to help you.

What to expect in the days and weeks ahead:

1. Everything takes longer—Be patient. Be supportive and understanding. This will get better.

2. Employee productivity—The stress of a disaster affects productivity. It will take time for employees to refocus and recover to their full capacity.

3. Cash flow—Mail will be interrupted. Normal payment cycles will be interrupted. Expect and plan for delays. Reach out to your banker for help.

4. Insurance claims and recovery—Be smart about your claims. Consult with those who went through Katrina for their perspective or advice.

5. The unexpected—Expect it.

6. Learn—Document what you learn and add to your disaster plan. Use this experience to improve the way you work.


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